What We Do

It's beneficial to know the value of your property and some times it's absolutely essential. James G. Palmer Appraisals offers independent appraisal, consulting and valuation services for any circumstance. For any type of property and for any situation – institutional and private lending, estate planning, bankruptcy, valuation disputes, expert testimony, litigation, and eminent domain – we provide independent, thorough and comprehensive appraisals with objective analysis and valuations.

Whatever your appraisal or valuation needs, we'll assist you in making better informed decisions for better results.


Offices, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Service Station & C-Stores, Lodging & Hospitality, Resort, Retail & Service Retail


Warehouses, Manufacturing, Cold Storage


Permanent & Seasonal Plantings, Packing Shed, Meat & Poultry Processing, Feed Lot, Dairy


Subdivision, Land, Apartments, Single Family, Affordable Housing

Special Purpose

Affordable Housing, Tax Credit, Assessment Districts, Recreation, Ski Resorts, Duck Clubs, Right of Way, Convalescent Hospitals, Day Care, Schools, Recreation, Wineries, Historic, Rails to Trails, Marina, Elderly Care